Life Insurance

Like organizing the garage, life insurance is one of those things that we know we should get around to one day.

Perhaps you already have some coverage, but you’re not sure it’s enough or even a good deal.

With the DT&FS Life Insurance Review, you’ll receive an honest review of your life insurance coverage (or lack thereof) and find out if it is worth changing your existing policy or not.  (Yes, there is an insurance professional who will actually tell you that!) 

If your life insurance coverage could use an upgrade, we’ll make the process as quick and painless as possible!

Life Insurance Q&A

Q: Who really needs life insurance anyway?  I feel like agents will sell it to anybody.

There are several situations where life insurance is highly recommended, including:

» Parents with minor children. This could be critical, especially for single parents.

» Parents with special needs children.

» People with a mortgage.

» People with anyone depending on them for financial support, including a spouse, children or anyone else.

» People who own their own business(es).

» Divorced individuals who must maintain life insurance as part of their divorce decree.

Note: For most people, term life insurance is an appropriate type of coverage.

However, we’ll look at your options together to determine what coverage makes the most sense for your needs and your budget.

Q: Isn’t it time-consuming to apply for life insurance?

Not anymore! I use “eTerm” whenever possible with clients to streamline the application process for them.  So you get the benefit of having the service of a knowledgeable agent combined with the ease of an online site…all for the same premium rates!

Q:  I already have a whole life policy (or two or three).  There’s no way to fix it unless I want to get rid of it and cash it in.

If you already have a whole life (a.k.a. cash value) policy, there may be room to upgrade. Depending on your particular situation, we might be able to find you better coverage that costs you less WITHOUT the tax consequences of cashing in a policy.

Q: I have health issues or take medications and I can’t get life insurance–or not insurance that I can afford anyway.

If you have a medical condition or multiple medical issues, do not assume that you will be automatically declined. 
The world of life insurance has changed in the past decade–even some folks with diabetes, heart problems and cancer in remission can still obtain coverage at reasonable rates.  And get this–if you’ve quit smoking at least a year ago or only smoke cigars, you might even qualify for non-smoker rates!

Q: What is “life insurance rescue”?

If you have an old life insurance policy with cash build-up in it and you are having trouble making the premium payments, we might be able to help.

We may be able to exchange your policy for one with a lower payment with the same or a different coverage so that the policy doesn’t lapse on you.

Please contact me using the form below about your “life insurance rescue” options that could save you a significant amount of money and stress.

Remember: Whether you buy life insurance online or speak with a real, live agent, you are paying the EXACT same rates. 

Q: Which life insurance companies do you represent?

Multiple companies, all of them A-rated or higher.  Independent life insurance agents, such as Kristin, can match you with the best company depending on your needs and health history and are not “stuck” with one company’s offerings.

If you have multiple health issues, we’ll submit your case through an informal underwriting process so we know in advance which companies have the best chance of giving you the best deal.

Q: I’ve shopped for life insurance online via and other websites.  Are your prices any different?

No–insurance premium rates are set by the carriers, NOT the insurance agents, so for the same policy with the same company, my rates will be the same.

Q: OK–so if the price for life insurance is the same, why should I work with you instead of just buying it online?
As an independent agent, I see life insurance cases every day and can help you choose the best insurance company and policy for your particular needs.

This includes:

Asking you family/personal history questions (medical and otherwise) that will help find the best insurance company at the
best price for you. For example, if you have a family history of cancer, there are some companies that look at you more favorably than others.

Helping you assess what your true insurance coverage needs and time frame are, not what I (or some website) think they should be.

Providing you with price and coverage options in an easy-to-read format so you can decide what coverage you are most comfortable with before you apply.

Preparing the application for you and prefilling as much data as possible to save you time.

Explaining to you each step of the way what is going to happen and try to resolve problems before they become complicated.

If a problem occurs during the application process, you have a direct contact person who can help get it resolved or find a way to work around it.

Acting as a resource and a sounding board before, during and after the insurance policy process.

And, most importantly, no high pressure sales tactics to try to convince you to buy something you don’t want or