Tax Preparation & Planning

For tax preparation and tax planning, all preparation and review work is performed on an hourly fee basis.  Below are some estimates to give you a range of what to expect.

If your tax return is complicated, we will discuss the approximate time it will take to complete your returns.

When you require tax planning strategies for situations such as starting your own business or handling a large capital gain, billing is based on an hourly rate–and you will receive a time estimate in advance.

Estimated Fees listed below are valid through December 31st, 2022.

Basic Tax Return
2 hour minimum, $450

Review of your prior year tax returns
Federal 1040 One State Tax Return
Standard Deduction
Federal & State E-Filing

General Tax Planning

Basic Plus Tax Return
2.5+ hours, $565+, upon review & consultation

Review of prior year tax returns
Federal 1040
One State Tax Return
Itemized Deductions (Schedule A)
Interest & Dividend Reporting (Schedule B)
Federal & State E-Filing

Advanced Tax Return
$675+, upon review & consultation

Review of prior year tax returns
Federal 1040
Multi-State Returns
Itemized Deductions (Schedule A)
Interest & Dividend Reporting (Schedule B)
Self-Employed Filers (Schedule C)
Stock Sales & Reporting (Schedule D)
Stock Options & Reporting (Schedule D)
Rental Properties (Schedule E)
Royalties (Schedule E)
Federal & State E-Filing

Child’s Tax Return

Federal 1040
One State Return
Standard Deduction
Federal & State E-File Fees

Taxes…A Year Round Event

No one likes to think about taxes more often than they have to.

However, tackling tax questions throughout the year (instead of waiting for tax season) can result in more tax savings and less stress!

» If you have a tax issue that needs to be addressed
 use the form below for a no obligation initial consultation.  This includes reducing your overall taxes, selling your home, starting a small business, 401(k)/IRA distributions,  gains/losses on stock sales, etc.
» If you have a Flexible Health Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) with your employer and you have no idea how much to contribute, enter your information below to receive a free FSA worksheet.
» If you are awaiting an IRS refund and want to know where it is, click HERE to find out.  Be sure to have your tax return on hand because you will need some information from it. And don’t worry, by filling out this form, your personal information will not be sold to or shared with third parties.  I don’t appreciate when others do it to me–so I won’t do it to you.
Remember: If your tax preparer is not giving you advice to help you save on your future taxes (legally!), it’s time to find a new preparer!